Sunday, November 26, 2017


     According to the twin paradox, the main event in the movie Contact was backwards. The main character, Ellie, experiences a time of 18 hours in which she meets her alien father. All of this takes place in about 2 seconds of Earth time.
     If the movie was correct and followed the twin paradox, Ellie would have felt like she traveled for a relatively short period of time (a few seconds, maybe even a few minutes if she's lucky). All of this would be happening on a very large time frame on Earth, Earthlings would experience time of a few hours or even days as Ellie flew through space and back. But this is movie physics I am explaining.
     If the movie was realistic, Ellie would have most likely died from either boredom or starved to death on the space ship during her venture to Vega. If she somehow survived, she'd come back to say I told you. But she'd find everyone, that cared for her and for her mission, dead or nearly dead.

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  1. Not much of a rewrite of the ending. Yes, the movie got the Twin Paradox backward at the end, but you were asked to come up with a physically correct ending. One sentence is all you've got?