Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ant Man

     As we all know, Ant-Man packs a rather powerful punch for his size, but a few things don't quite make sense. Ant-Man appears to have the strength of a regular human while he is in his microscopic ant sized form. Simple scaling rules would prove that he would have insanely inhuman strengths when he is in the shape of a normal human being because he packs such a whopping punch as an insect sized man.
     The Physics of Superheroes proves a valid point through the qutoe: "Why do you have the strength that you do, such that you can easily lift a 20-pound object, but struggle with one weighing 200 pounds and can not possibly lift 2,000 pounds?" The scaling of Ant-Man's strength is flawed. When in "Ant sized form" Ant-Man is 0.01x his normal size, meaning his strength would be multiplied by the same reduced amount. Ant-Man cannot easily pick up 2000 lbs when he is normal but can seem to move a 20 lbs object with ease in micro form. He can even move humans by hitting them with his "tiny" punches.
     The fulcrum inside of the human arm is placed very specifically to give us the best advantage to speed and strength for the size of the muscle. Granted if the point of contact of muscle and bone was moved away from the fulcrum, any human could have inhuman strength. This reduces the speed achieved by human muscles but increases the strength. If you move towards the fulcrum the results are the opposite. If Ant-Man had a muscle much farther away from the fulcrum in his arms (elbow and shoulder) he would be able to lift items much heavier then himself. With this being said he would not be able to move them as quickly or efficiently and would look like a total freak, which in the movie he appears to be normal.
     While Ant-Man appears to be a hero to us "The People", he is an abomination to scaling physics. One cannot possibly change the strength of themselves with scaling alone, as Ant-Man was able to lift what would be 2,000 lbs as a regular human while in his ant form.

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  1. I'm not even sure what chapter you were reviewing, as Ant Man is mentioned in multiple chapters of the book. It looks like you might be reviewing Ch. 8, but if so, you missed what I think is one of the most important points. Muscular strength goes as length^2, so if Ant Man is 0.01 times the size of a normal man in height, then the strength of his muscles would decrease by (0.01x0.01) = 0.0001. So, if in human form he can lift 200 lbs, in ant form, he should only be able to lift 0.02 lbs. Since the assignment was to summarize the chapter, I'd say you missed the mark somewhat.