Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fat Man and Little Boy Logistics

     "Fat Man and Little Boy" not only illustrates the motives for creating weapons of mass destruction, but it also condemns the entire idea of the weapons. "Gojira" illustrates the mutually negative impacts of such weapons of mass destruction as the monster itself was disturbed by the weapons.

     During the initial hypothesizing of creating the "device", scientists from "Fat Man and Little Boy" had positive motives for creating the weapon. The only reason for positiveness in such a dark subject was to prevent further life from being lost on the American side. Later information contradicts the previous thoughts of the creation of the weapon as the scientists are leaked information of the intentional use of the bomb. The motive of the US Government was to take a large amount of human life in an inhumane way to prevent further life from being lost on the US's side. During the resolution, many of the scientists disagreed with the creation and even the idea of such a weapon of mass destruction. Oppenheimer even publicly refused to support the creation of such a monstrous creation.

     "Godzilla" was a creature that was disturbed by the weapons of mass destruction, which I find ironic that the monster was inspired by the idea of nuclear weapons, which in themselves are a monster. Godzilla was deemed indestructible by a scientist because of its ability to resist nuclear bombs that initially disturbed it. Another scientist, Serizawa, creates the "Oxygen Destroyer", a device that removes all oxygen surrounding it. The device is fairly inhumane but proves to be the only fighting chance the people of Japan, and possibly the world, have against this creature. Serizawa refuses to use his creation as it is morally wrong to him but as he sees the world around him crumbling, his thoughts are altered. In the resolution, Serizawa uses the device and engages "Godzilla", but he takes his own life during the process as he doesn't want the knowledge of such a monstrous creation circulating.

     In both films, the scientists are faced with a test of justice behind the motives driving them to create these weapons of mass destruction. In both films, the motives are not just, but ironically they are carried out in the end and the weapons were created for better or for worse.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Global Warming

     Global warming used to be a myth, and inexplicably continues to be to some people. The facts are global warming is happening and us humans have contributed to it. CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is one of the most important contributors to global warming as it acts as a global blanket and traps heat within the Earth's atmosphere. Recently, there has been an astonishing discovery made by NASA satellites.

     El Niños are a major shift in Earth's patterns due to changes in oceans and atmospheres. During this year (2017) the world is experiencing an El Niño pattern. Typically during these patterns, Earth experiences higher CO2 emissions due to lower plant life which is caused by less rainfall. This explains a natural process of global warming without human interference.

     A satellite launched in 2014 was not planned for the event it captured, it happens by coincidence that it was in the perfect point of capture. It captured the phenomenal event of the Pacific Ocean giving off CO2 shortly before surrounding areas released CO2. This once again proves that global warming occurs without human interference deeming it a natural global event.

     Humans have had an adverse effect on global warming by giving off unnatural levels of CO2. The same satellite has picked up higher CO2 levels over cities and highly populated areas. As more CO2 rises into the atmosphere, it simply accelerates the process of global warming.

     As we might all want to prevent any unnecessary accelerations in global warming, I think the human species should not put unnatural amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere as we are literally asking for an expedited death.

     My sources have been thought to be reputable as NASA's website has a .gov suffix. I only used the projections and data from Live Science, which was NASA's data since they had the only satellite capable of retrieving such data from Space at that specific place and time.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ant Man

     As we all know, Ant-Man packs a rather powerful punch for his size, but a few things don't quite make sense. Ant-Man appears to have the strength of a regular human while he is in his microscopic ant sized form. Simple scaling rules would prove that he would have insanely inhuman strengths when he is in the shape of a normal human being because he packs such a whopping punch as an insect sized man.
     The Physics of Superheroes proves a valid point through the qutoe: "Why do you have the strength that you do, such that you can easily lift a 20-pound object, but struggle with one weighing 200 pounds and can not possibly lift 2,000 pounds?" The scaling of Ant-Man's strength is flawed. When in "Ant sized form" Ant-Man is 0.01x his normal size, meaning his strength would be multiplied by the same reduced amount. Ant-Man cannot easily pick up 2000 lbs when he is normal but can seem to move a 20 lbs object with ease in micro form. He can even move humans by hitting them with his "tiny" punches.
     The fulcrum inside of the human arm is placed very specifically to give us the best advantage to speed and strength for the size of the muscle. Granted if the point of contact of muscle and bone was moved away from the fulcrum, any human could have inhuman strength. This reduces the speed achieved by human muscles but increases the strength. If you move towards the fulcrum the results are the opposite. If Ant-Man had a muscle much farther away from the fulcrum in his arms (elbow and shoulder) he would be able to lift items much heavier then himself. With this being said he would not be able to move them as quickly or efficiently and would look like a total freak, which in the movie he appears to be normal.
     While Ant-Man appears to be a hero to us "The People", he is an abomination to scaling physics. One cannot possibly change the strength of themselves with scaling alone, as Ant-Man was able to lift what would be 2,000 lbs as a regular human while in his ant form.